Starting Over—Again!: An Attempt and a Second Mental Hospital Adventure

Part 2: The Ambulance Ride T/W: Mentions of self-harm, suicidal ideation/attempt. So there I was, on cloud nine, adrenaline blasting through my veins—armed with the knowledge that I loved myself enough to keep my body alive for another day. It truly is a sensational feeling. It’s a feeling of warmth and peace that gives youContinue reading “Starting Over—Again!: An Attempt and a Second Mental Hospital Adventure”

This is for You

T/W: gaslighting, manipulation I have to write this—for me but also for maybe someone who has dealt with this. I am in awe in the worst ways because I’m so confused and hurt and I could only imagine if I had to deal with this longer than necessary. I met a man. I talked aboutContinue reading “This is for You”